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A global approach to the quality of the teaching profession is a decisive ingredient of education quality, including a conception of its identity and a vision of its future. A professional self-regulation may be the best way to achieve higher professional and social status for teachers, since it allows educators collectively to assume the culture of the values that comprise the uniqueness and fullness of the teaching profession.

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• Is a specialist responsible for increasing a learner’s knowledge and understanding and helping learners develop skills by sharing relevant examples from an Early Years Setting.
• Is expected to have sound knowledge of Early Years Statutory Framework, Development Matters, Local and National (UK) legislations, theories and research on learning and development to enable learners understand how these looks like/reflect in practice.
• Is expected to use varied and appropriate methodologies such as lectures, digital learning, audio – video, virtual, simulated, team exercises, discussions to help learners gain deeper insight on how the knowledge and understanding reflects in practice.
• Is expected to guide learners on which work samples learners can use as evidence to support their practice (Portfolio of Evidence)
• Is expected to be familiar with the course unit outcomes and assessment criteria for each of the unit
• Is expected to have essential knowledge of using technology, training strategies, educational materials
• Is expected to have essential soft-skills
An Assessor must

• Understand the qualification, its standards, assessment process and duration of the qualification.
• Have sound knowledge of EYFS Framework, Development Matters, Legislations (UK and Local), policies and procedures
• Understand assessment strategies/ principles of different skills to be assessed
• Be able to assess learner’s ability to meet all the assessment criteria
• Be able to guide learner’s on how to expand on their responses to be able to meet the criteria
• Examine candidates’ portfolios of evidence
• Provide evaluative/constructive feedback and offer advice if the criteria/ standards are not met
• Record the evidence and provide summative feedback to close the unit
• Sign off the unit when all the requirements have been met
• Work closely with Trainers and Internal Quality Assurers
• Attend meetings with other assessors/moderators/Quality assurers.
Taito Education offers teacher training qualifications in partnership with awarding bodies in UK. We offer License to practise qualifications that will enable learners to apply for teaching roles in UK, UAE and other countries. We offer UK government approved courses through our training centre network worldwide.